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December 16 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

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Personality Profile for People Born on December 16

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Your unique planetary combination makes you far more of a risk taker than other Sagittarius Decans. If you feel the reward is worthwhile, you will fearlessly straddle on the cusp of failure.

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Although it is impossible to always be successful, your determination will help you out of any situation your risk taking has put you in. In love, you may benefit from a person that is more grounded and calculated in their approach to life, but equally adventurous.

December 16 Sagittarius Personality

If you isolate yourself to satisfy your career aspirations or personal interests, you isolate yourself from the biggest source of luck in life—other people. People born on December 16 Zodiac are blessed with a soaring imagination but their logical and objective approach to situations and people ensures that they never succumb to flights of fancy. In fact they have the ability to view everyone and everything in their life with the inquisitive detachment of an anthropologist.

Nothing escapes the scrutiny of these intelligent and sharp-witted people, and when their analytical, logical and determined mind is combined with their imaginative intellectual qualities, they have the potential to engineer far-reaching innovations. Once they have settled on their objectives, they will pursue them with remarkable determination, and although this dramatically enhances their potential for professional success—they often rise to management level or the very top of their careers—their single-minded focus on their career goals can isolate them emotionally from others.

Until the age of thirty-five they will lean toward a more practical and realistic approach to their goals, and these are the years when they are most likely to lose themselves in their career. During these years establishing a work-life balance and becoming more sensitive to the feelings of others are important.

December 16 Famous Birthdays - #1 Person in History Born This Day

After the age of thirty-six, however, there is a significant turning point which highlights a need to be free from responsibilities, to be more independent and to express their individuality. They may become involved with humanitarian ideals or issues of universal spirituality. At first this shift in focus may feel confusing and disorientating for them, but as the years go by they start to understand themselves better and experience life less as a research lab and more on a deeper, intuitive level where certain things are simply to be experienced rather than examined.

They also begin to realize that the key to unlocking their potential for outstanding achievement is to keep their lives as real and as grounded as possible, so that they are relaxed and receptive enough to tune into their powerful intuition and make the right choices for themselves and others.