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Discuss it now, and frankly. Few things are more frustrating for an energetic fire sign than being forced by circumstances or the timing of others to delay taking action on exciting plans.


At the moment, it probably seems unfair. Agreeing to disagree is a wonderful way of dealing with persistent issues. It seems like a compromise. Instead of worrying about it, temporarily distance yourself from it all. Take a break. It could make a huge difference. Just when exciting plans involving others are beginning to fall into place, new and even more promising ideas or offers are appearing from out of the blue. The results will be extraordinary.

For now, simply explore everything. The time has come to stand your ground, and in a range of matters.

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Diverse as the situations in question may be, each is being complicated by the ongoing changes in circumstances everybody is facing. Rather than complain, talk over what can be done then, ideally, have a good laugh about it all. The discovery that somebody was dishonest about an important matter is always upsetting. Be tough.

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Appealing as the idea of good fortune is, recognising it is quite another matter. The trick is to explore absolutely every idea or offer, even those that seem unappealing or come with burdensome obligations. Still, consider each and every one. But, this is about broadening your horizons, in terms of your thinking and actual circumstances.

As both these and your priorities shift, what seemed least promising could soon become a thrilling new passion. Not only is there talk of last minute changes in certain longstanding arrangements, decisions are entirely up to others. That being the case, this is your chance to make them. Planning ahead may be wise, but with Mercury retrograde until 1 April and stirring up questions about a wide range of situations, simply coping with here and now dilemmas is challenging enough.

Patience may be a virtue, but if you put off certain plans or projects for much longer, they may never happen at all. The trick is to do whatever you can now, just to get things going. And abruptly. The simple truth is that their priorities are very different from yours, and always will be. Although everybody will be relieved when Mercury, planet of ideas and communication is no longer retrograde, from 1 August that by no means suggests everything will suddenly go smoothly.

This is a time of exciting growth, which while ultimately worthwhile, by its nature triggers disarray and frequent changes in plans. Long ago, you learnt that doing things halfway just to get things done is a waste of time. Say no, firmly and fast. Let them go. Despite that, go with the flow. Within days, if not hours, you recognise them as the breakthroughs they are.

Every New Moon triggers both questions about the past and breakthroughs in existing plans. Their logic may be convincing, but because it serves their purposes. While your long term goals will remain the same, the way you achieve them will need to be rethought, in depth, and possibly more than once. Since then, however, things have moved swiftly. Now that this tricky cycle is ending, you need a chance to recover. A real break. Take it, possibly in the form of actually getting away. Or you could simply ignore the demands of certain individuals on your attention. At the moment, the changes being discussed so enthusiastically by others seem to you to be unappealing if not just plain unwise.

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  • However, as a Scorpio, you have powerful instincts and sense how crucial these would be. It will be disruptive but worth it.

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    You know those who organise plans on your behalf have good intentions, but you long ago learnt they view the actual process of getting things done from a different perspective than you do. Instead of ignoring their efforts, give them a try. The fact is, they leave things for others to deal with. While, in the past, keeping things as they are was wise, doing so now would only complicate matters.

    Not only are kindness and generosity important to you, seeing those characteristics in action in others, touches you deeply. The irony is, when somebody attempts to be equally generous, you can be uncomfortable or even refuse. This means a lot to the individual in question. Embrace their kindness warmly. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon.

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