Gemini january 28 birthday horoscope

If you have this birthday you are generous and warmhearted but you can also be rather tactless and blunt to others. You will often expect everyone else to impart the same bluntness as you in their observations and conservations. Individual's with a January the twenty eighth birthday tend to place great importance on friendships and relationships.

Unlike most of your zodiac group you are not so fearful of losing your autonomy when involved with someone special. Career paths to a person born on the twenty eighth of January are easily chosen as you are usually very realistic about your own capabilities. You are inquisitive and often highly skilled in a certain area like language, sciences or numbers. This makes you aim to seek a profession to best suit your specific skill set. Individuals with this particular birth date are fairly good with money but you could find adapting to income fluctuations troublesome.

You always seem in a bit of a rush to spend your finances as soon as you earn them, making it difficult to be able to save up to buy anything substantial. For an Aquarius, the person born on the twenty eighth day of January is untypically impulsive and can be easily disappointed in love. You search for perfection in a personal relationship and will gladly put aside your insecurities and need for total independence for the right person.

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In a soul mate relationship you can be highly supportive, romantic and protective but you are also quite demanding of attention and affection. Your occasional brusqueness and carelessness with words are things that a partner may have to desensitize themselves to. You put a lot into a loving united partnership and you will usually regard your lover as your best friend.

Your heart is likely to rule your head at times so you are warmly sentimental and your impulsiveness makes you romantically spontaneous. This makes you an attentive and appreciative partner who will always try their best to please. The majority of health problems experienced by those born on January 28th are not usually presented as a result of neglecting yourself. You seem to commonly adopt excellent habits regarding your bodily needs from a young age and manage to maintain them throughout life. The only real area where you could benefit from improvement is in your handling of your emotions.

You sometimes find letting things go difficult and may harbor grudges which can lead to a build up of stress. This is something you should avoid as your emotional happiness is very closely linked to the condition of your overall well being. Your predominant strengths of character are in your spunky enthusiasm, strong will and determined nature. These characteristics along with your friendliness and generosity make you a pleasant and interesting individual.

Personality weaknesses of those born on January 28th that you may recognize are your outspoken and abrupt mannerisms and your tendencies to be overexcitable and act without thinking. All these negative traits can be better controlled as you gain experience in life and mature learning from any past errors.

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It is also rare for you to knowingly repeat the same mistake twice. Being someone born on the 28th of January you will probably not be a person who has to have a set of definite predetermined plans. Your natural spontaneity and curiousness are your usual instinctive guides through life so you prefer to set goals as you go along rather than make any concrete decisions. You will usually concentrate on and prioritize your professional and personal ambitions in equal measures in order to achieve balance, taking life in your stride.

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Your dream outlines will often focus on your emotional desires, security and happiness more than work or achieving anything else. As you were born on the twenty eighth day of the month the total of your birth date digits is 10, this gives you a Root number of One. You need to change things up this year. Uranus rules revolutions and renovations led by inspired vision. This planet loves to try on new ideas and ways of doing things. You might redecorate your home, try a new workout routine, or explore a different career path.

Either way, what you need to explore are new ways of relating to your environment and yourself, so you can become more authentically you. Your Solar Return chart is a horoscope for the entire year ahead and can be very beneficial for planning. Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California.

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January 28 Birthday Astrology

Select Your Birth Month and Day. Goto Your Sun Sign. Taurus Dependable, Strong, Oversensitive, Obstinate. Gemini Communicative, Changeable, Inconsistent, Superficial. Cancer Devoted, Compassionate, Moody, Hesitant.

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