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I was in the health field for a long time.. Unfortunately, when it comes to my own stuff I fall short sometimes but I find it super fun to organize things. I need to pay attention to my horoscope more often :. And I do like Virgos.. I like most of the signs because they are people. However, sometimes when I meet someone who I am not comfortable with they are often one of two signs.

Best work really for Virgos is writing, editing, organization and of course the health field. Of course you know there are many online legit sites with jobs. Thanks again for dropping in. Carol- I don't read my horoscope very often but when I do, I'm usually surprised how accurate they are. I am a Virgo and this description here you have shared is very accurate!! I was surprised just how accurate it was. Sounds just like me! This was especially interesting because very soon..

Thank you for sharing this :. I read your hub with interest. My sun sign is Pisces and I often find the descriptions and attributes fit my life. I worked in nonprofit for many years, sometimes providing counseling assistance. Other areas of the description fit me as well. Remember this hub is more general with just the sun sign. WHen I do moon sign combos it is far more accurate I have a Virgo moon and am detailed about certain things in my life.

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I get along really well with Virgo people. Thanks for stopping in and comments. Thank you so much I love your comments and appreciate a visit from you. And thanks so much for the votes. Thanks for stopping in. Thank you midget Lovely comments and I always appreciate your support.. As you know just your sunsign is pretty general.. More in depth analysis reveals a lot more. Thank you for stopping by,. Thank you Debbie: I appreciate your comments and so glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for visiting and all you do.

The nature of jobs of my family are same as what you mentioned here. Once again, a well-written hub. Hi Carol! I was curious for other people I know and myself also and I could find truth for a lot of them and for myself. The only thing for me is I definitely don't see myself in law! I like laws to be respected but it's as far as it goes. Interesting correlation between astrology signs and professions. Hard to figure when I should have been born since I have had a number of different careers. The hubby's sign fits him perfectly as you've described it.

A Career Guide for Every Sign of the Zodiac

Carol, I connect with this one. I am a taurus and a music teacher too. I As for how methodical I am, I'm still learning!! But do enjoy things when they are organized. As usual, I love connecting with you over astrology! I always feel fairly well described by my sign, but I wonder if that's because this stuff is true or just happenstance. Either way, Scorpio suits me! WELL carol that is very interesting.. I am a cancer and it describes me to a tee..

Thank you gypsy rose lee: I appreciate your coming by to read the world of stars Thank you for the sharing.. So appreciated. Thank you Mama Kim Always appreciate a visit and thanks so much for votes. I do have fun writing these hubs. Thank you for sharing this informative and fascinating look at professions through the zodiac signs.

Mine and my hubby's are just right. Passing this on. Voting a bunch!! Thank you and I am so glad you are enjoying reading. I am having fun also. Thanks for votes and I am waiting for the armored car to arrive.. I read this through more than once and also, stopped at each sign, to think of someone I know, who bears that sign.

I couldn't help but be astounded by some and just laugh at others. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Your astrology hubs are so much fun! Thanks, Carol Well Bill However I hoe you like your work and enjoy life. Thanks so much for voting up and sharing. Very interesting Carol. I'm a Cancer and I do work for a large profitable corporation with a regular paycheck. Although the fact that many great chefs are Cancer makes me wonder if I missed my true calling. Great job Carol.

Voting up, sharing, etc I know what you mean about stress. I cannot deal with problems at work and I face them but not happily. Thank you for your comments as always Lindacee I have a friend who learned how to make slipcovers, curtains, pillows etc. Well everyone is different.. WHen I do the moon sign comparison it will be more accurate.. Thank you for dropping in. Rene Abbottsounds good and I have a lot of ideas. Thanks for dropping in and commenting.

I so agree with your description of Librans. I have never wanted the added responsibilities of a management position and hate dealing with problems--I stress way too much. I currently work in retail and find myself always stressed out about one thing or another. I'm not trained to teach, so I'm thinking I should find a job in a nice, quiet library! I liked this a lot. Fascinating subject.

Checked what you had to say about Scorpios and lots OK, law enforcement though is the very last thing I'd be good at Thanks Carol for this post. I love astrology, and will be following you.

Astrology and the Library – Daykeeper Journal

My sun sign Aries, is intercepted in the chart. Perhaps you can write about interceptions. Well it goes to show you Just because the occupations may fit the traits.. Glad you have arrived to where you are most happy. And for sharing. I am getting more views but not huge. I don't know what to expect but I am trying to be patient. I love writing these hubs and they do take a lot of time Want to do a good job.

Very interesting, Carol. I'm a Pisces and haven't been in any of the professions stated above. I was in accounting for over 25 years before quitting to write full time. This was a cool hub, Carol, and surprise, I'm a Libra and I was a teacher. I really found this one interesting. Well done; I think you have a future with this niche.

I sure hope you are seeing success with it. Always glad when it works.. And it does an amazing amount of the time. Thanks for dropping in. Very interesting Carol, mine was pretty true and so was hubby's! He hates the limelight, preferring to work methodically and he's very good at Maths and logic. Give me a microphone and I'm happy :o. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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    Astrology and Chosen Careers You will find every profession known to man in every zodiac sign. Signs and Occupations. Aries March April 19 In the astrology horoscope of the sometimes aggressive Aries, it will be easy to figure out the best careers. Taurus- April May 20 Taurus people are dependable and methodical being part of the earth sign trio. Different Occupations. Gemini May June 20 Gemini people often like to be in a fast paced career or even one that has an element of danger.

    Cancer-June July 22 In the astrology horoscope, the home is the first place you think of with the Cancerean personality. Leo-July August 22 With outgoing personalities and a need for recognition the Leo personality likes to always be in charge. Virgo-August Septeber 22 Virgos are often exact and detail oriented in their work life. Libra September October 22 Libra is a mixture of talents and can find careers and jobs in many paths. Scorpio-October November 21 Scorpios are a hardworking bunch and gifted with lots of intelligence and passion.

    The Astrology of Library Folk

    Sagittarius-November December 21 The zodiac sign of Sagittarius are almost always fun to be around. Capricorn-December January 19 Capricorns are goal oriented and enjoy working hard to achieve those goals. Aquarius January February 18 Aquarius people are known for their quick thinking and original ideas. Pisces February March 20 Though Pisces don't work for just love, they are generally not money motivated when choosing a profession. Your knowledge about astrology Do you know much about astrology I know nothing I know about my zodiac sign I know a lot about astrology See results.

    I'm Cancer and I want to be an artist. Well I'm a cancer and two of my dream jobs are medicine and cooking so I'm happy. Great Gemini profession. Thanks for the advice. Hi there, carol! I'm an arian. Thank you for sharing this.

    12 Signs of the Zodiac

    Midget: Taurus people are extremely musical and often have wonderful voices. Hi carol, I have always been interested in astrology and the descriptions for my sign Cancer are me to a tee. Great info. Thanks for sharing. Voted up, useful, interesting and shared. Thank you for lovely comments and it is always a pleasure to see you. Voted up, useful, and interesting. I am glad to hear that and thanks for stopping by with a lovely comment. You are welcome cyndi10 And thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

    Thanks for giving us this information. As always carol so interesting and here's to many more to follow. Though sometimes yours are not fun.. This list is right on the money. As a virgo, I love working with details. Great hub! Voted up. Your hubs are always fun and fascinating.

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    Your greatest love is moving forward to create magic in new places. You rarely stay around to wait for things to become stale. You love a challenge and quickly tire when routine sets in. An early start to the day helps, because you dislike missing anything. You like to make quick decisions, meet deadlines and get fast results.

    You plant the seeds.

    Astrology and Chosen Careers

    Your strong desire for material security could lead you to be a business owner, merchant, corporate executive, real estate investor, builder, stock broker, trader or financial consultant. You appreciate the simple side of life and may avoid cerebral avocations, such as writing, computers, engineering or medicine. You focus deeply on the object of your interest and have a sense of pride and excellence in your work.

    Therefore, a commitment to any career will lead to success simply because of your unswerving determination and commitment. Finally, perform your work with dedication to the process rather than the result. Horoscope career guide for Gemini May 21 — June 20 You thrive on change and variety. Routine makes you feel as if your creativity is drying up. Accomplish as much as you can with single-minded focus. Then switch to another activity. Change positively sparks the neural pathways in your brain. Look for a job or create work that enables you to change and create.

    You might even enjoy being a bike messenger or mail carrier because anything that moves or involves delivering information, goods or services excites you. So find something you like to do, focus and keep moving. Horoscope career guide for Cancer June 21 — July 22 You can do almost anything you like, as long as you feel emotionally connected to the process. The most fruitful endeavors for your sun sign involve health care, finance, real estate, gardening, culinary arts, interior design, construction and producing accessories for the home.

    You take pride in managing the physical accoutrements of this material world to create greater security for yourself and others. You could be a personal shopper, closet consultant or landscape artist. Counseling satisfies your need to nurture. Many Cancer men and women also enjoy domestic careers. You may opt to take care of children, elderly parents or a spouse in lieu of working in an office. If you have financial acumen, channel your need to care for others into financial consulting, brokerage work, trading stocks, bonds and commodities. Your drive to create secure housing for yourself and others makes you an excellent contractor.

    Horoscope career guide for Leo July 23 — August 22 If you put your heart into what you do, you can make a success of any career. Look for a situation in which you can make decisions for yourself and possibly others. This could be managing a department, a publication, an event or running your own company. If you really enjoy performing, then perform. Your greatest interests are in the theater, performing arts, marketing, advertising, photography and public relations. You also have a knack for design — for example, fashion, costumes, sets, interiors — as well as screenwriting, directing, producing and editing.

    Horoscope career guide for Virgo Aug. Your highly organized mind is suited for careers that involve detail, speed and precision. With your strong administrative and organizational skills, you flourish in an organized office setting. Your good memory and incisive mind also make you a fine editor or writer, mechanic or electrician, computer programmer or technician, forest ranger or architect, librarian or scientist, researcher or executive.

    An interest in health and your natural compassion can turn you into an excellent doctor, nurse or psychologist. You also have endurance, concentration and ambition. You care that a job is done properly, efficiently and on time. These are all excellent qualities for career success. Horoscope career guide for Libra Sept.


    Brilliant negotiators, Libras build harmony through understanding, communication and compromise.