Locational astrology reading

The most common use of astrology is looking from the perspective of time i. What is less well known is that space also has an effect on our charts and hence our lives. Moving to a different location can bring to the fore planets and hence the archetypical energies that they symbolise that were in the background at our birth place.

How astrology can help you find the ideal place to live

Locational Astrology shows how our natal chart changes through space, and suggests the kind of experiences that we may have in different places. Certain locations can be good for work or relationships or where opportunities come easily, while others will always be a hard struggle as long as we remain in that place. It can also be interesting to do a Locational Astrology reading even if none of the above apply, in order to learn where your hotspots are in the world.

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Sometimes we feel drawn to a particular country without really knowing why, and Locational Astrology can help us to understand what we may find in a particular place. It can be enlightening to explore areas of the world that hold an interest for us whether or not we have been there and see what relationship that place has to our natal astrology charts.

You can target certain areas of your life that need a tune-up

Astro-Cartography — a map of criss-crossing lines which indicates where the different planetary energies are at their maximum part of such a map is shown above. The creation and analysis of a new natal chart or charts, as viewed from any locations under consideration for the same moment of birth. Order a consultation that will revolutionize your life.

What is Astrocartography map (re-location astrology report)

Order information:. If you have questions about where to travel or to relocate, this option provides a detailed, in-depth analysis of your entire world map.

30 min Locational Astrology Readings

This is a unique, personalized analysis -- the interpretation is not computer-generated, nor does it utilize any pre-written "reports," such as those found in so many other online astrology services. It includes a full discussion of all areas in the world where planetary lines are "Transcendental" and thus favoring our lifetime goals and vocations, as well as an analysis of areas where "Leading" or over-aspected planets can cause energy overloads or disruptions to occur. Unlike other online astro-mapping services, the report is not limited to just two or three cities but includes an entire international analysis: You are encouraged to ask about any cities, countries or locales that you are curious about; you may also wish to include a brief biography or note about yourself and your goals.

This option also includes a personalized list of recommended domestic and international regions, and a breakdown of all your planets, listing Transcendental harmonious lines and Leading challenging lines planets, in order of strength. The final in-depth analysis is completed within ten days of payment and is available as a verbal telephone report. This is a "plain English" description -- prior knowledge of astrology is not needed in order to understand it. An e-mail confirmation is also sent immediately upon receipt of payment.

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Please use this e-mail address to send me your birth data after concluding your PayPal payments. Skip navigation! Story from Horoscopes. Sometimes, you plan your trips with purpose — to visit friends and relatives, to see a historical site, to sample the local cuisine. Other times, you just feel a need to get out of town — the purpose and exact location are secondary.

For those times when the travel bug bites and your vacation brain is inescapable, wouldn't it be nice to know in advance how certain parts of the world might feel?

Local Space - Astrology Personal Relocation Reading

Turns out, there's a whole subsection of astrology that could provide you with answers But, you may also hear astrologers refer to it as locational astrology , too. Aptly known as the planetary lines , these lines indicate the areas of the world that were heavily influenced by the planets at the time of your birth. While looking at my personal map, Dewhirst points out one of my Venus lines, which slices by Toronto, down through Ohio, and onward to bisect Honduras perfectly.

She playfully suggests I should book my next trip to Toronto, just to see what it's like to visit an area so imbued with flirtatious Venusian energy.