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It will cause poverty, deprivation and want. It will keep us in bondage and will take away all our vitality on a physical or mental level. During the sub-periods of debilitated Saturn one has to struggle more for success. One may suffer from bone fractures, pain in legs or spinal problems.

One may get involved in leading the low class people or laborers. One does not enjoy good social respect. He causes these difficulties as he indicates where we suffer the results of our poor karmas, and he will not allow us to reap the benefits of the areas he affects until the law of karma has been fulfilled. Saturn and Mars are producers of longevity and courage, just to name a few.

Saturn produces immunity to disease and the ability to overcome obstacles perseverance. It does not produce those obstacles. Obstacles, misery, delays and setbacks can be produced by any planet and have to do with their condition in houses and as house lords, but do not have to do with their karakaship. When Saturn is afflicted as a karaka, in other words, when its malefic points outweigh its beneficial points, then it gives a low tolerance for delays and setbacks.

It gives a low tolerance for misery, so misery and depression overcome the person. Saturn afflicted brings in diseases caused by wind and phlegm, ignorance, tendency to steal, etc.

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If Saturn is favourable, it denotes abatement of sorrows, association with old women, increase of servants and iron goods, headship of a town, acquisition of buffaloes and growth of varaka grain. The one planet which actually causes concerns when it goes retrograde is none other than the most feared planet in Vedic astrology, the Saturn itself. This is the only planet which does show some negativity when it goes retrograde in a horoscope, even if it is otherwise positive in a horoscope.

A retrograde Saturn can show negative effects towards some of the significances ruled by it in a horoscope, depending upon the other factors present in a horoscope. It can make a person have a high ego, be very demanding and over ambitious for material gains among other things. The deadliest effects of Saturn can be seen in a horoscope, if it is negative, retrograde and at the same time placed in Libra which is its sign of exaltation.

So be careful if you have a retrograde Saturn in your horoscope as it can cause mild to serious negative effects depending upon the other factors present in the horoscope even if it is otherwise positive in your horoscope. Saturn and Mars when retrograde would not only cause miseries and physical disabilities but also they would sometimes give notably good results.

Saturn when retrograde would appear to be a great Yogakaraka and give notably good results. Saturn becomes extremely powerful if posited in the western side of the zodiac. Usually he gets digbala directional strength if posited in the West. Retrograde Saturn if posited in the ascendant. It is a great danger to the longevity of the native. It is because of the fact that malefic planets in retrogression will always give bad results. Saturn becomes too weak and utterly powerless if oriental or eastern.

The first house represents health and body and so retrograde Saturn if posited in the lagna causes premature death. Saturn is said to be combust when it comes within 15 degrees on either side of the Sun. The moola-trikona and signs of exaltation of the Sun and Saturn are exactly in opposite signs. But the opposite signs have great similarities. Combust Saturn confers respect and material success. One becomes a self-made man. The conjunction can also make one secretive.

A strong combust Saturn makes one place duty above everything else. The native may become egocentric. Combust Saturn puts a man on trial like combust Moon. Saturn Combust: When Saturn is combust the native feels overwhelmed and overburdened with life, as if they were never given a fair chance. One generally lacks discipline and perseverance to do all that they are required to do and would rather complain or find another, easier way out of their responsibilities.

They generally exhibit bitterness and resentment. They are generally unable to give of themselves unless they know that they will derive some benefit. In essence, when Saturn is combust the native is angry at the world at large for the burdens that are a part of it. Another tendency of a combust Saturn is a native who works extremely hard to validate themselves, but never feels validated by their activities and as a result becomes full of frustrated hate and jealousy. These tendencies are generally developed in this lifetime by some responsibility being forced upon the native at an early age when they were to young to handle it, and without proper validation for their accomplishments.

Description of ani: ani has an emaciated and long physique, has tawny eyes, is windy in temperament, has big teeth, is indolent and lame and has coarse hair. He is indolent, lame, and hardhearted. Saturn, due to his hardhearted nature, may be very cold in his behavior. He often is in denial himself and may be so blocked that he does not have a clear idea of exactly how cold he may be.

Saturn has a tall, lean and weak body, dark complexion, stiff hair and limbs, large teeth, lazy disposition, windy temperament, cruel nature, Tamasika inclination, lame, dark and shabby robes. Saturn is dark, lame and lazy. Its body is lean, the eyes sunken, nails thick, teeth flat and limbs and hair stiff. Saturn is dirty, foolish, and windy in nature. Saturn : He is dark, lame, lazy, with sunken eyes, lean and lank body, prominent veins, thick nails and protruding teeth.

His hair is coarse and thick. He is dirty, angry, dreadful, full of wrinkles, clad in black clothes, foolish, and a tale-. His hands and feet are very long. He is merciless and melancholic. Saturn is a great teacher. It teaches through punishment and making one realise the purpose of life.

Hence, it signifies philosophy and spiritualism. Saturn is very old and is orthodox and thus it signifies knowledge passing down from tradition. The deity of Saturn is Brahma who is the creator of this world in the form of Prajapati. Thus Saturn signifies the knowledge of creation. When coupled with. Saturn rules the excretory system in the human body whose prime responsibility is to clean the system from any poison or garbage and hence all such disciplines which is related to cleaning of a place or thing such as, drainage system, plumbing, garbage collection and disposal etc.

This is borne out of the fact that it rules two signs of the zodiac, which corresponds to winter or extreme cold. Thus it signify Ice manufacturing, Refrigeration and preservation. He has a golden crown on his head and wears a garland and blue coloured apparels. He is seated on the back of the vulture.

He possesses a bow, an arrow and a trident in each of his three hands respectively and his fourth hand is raised in the posture of giving boons and blessings. Saturn is the son of Sun god and Chaya Sanvarna. He is considered as a cruel planet. The cruelty, which he possesses in his sight, is due to the curse he received from his wife. The narration which has been mentioned in the Brahma Puran goes as follows: The deity Shani Saturn was a great devotee of lord Krishna right from his childhood.

He used to be immersed in the love for lord Krishna. After he grew up, his father married him with the daughter of Chitraratha '. His wife was a chaste woman full of radiance. One night she went to him after having a bath when her menstruation periods were over, with a desire of having a son, but her husband Shani Saturn was immersed in the meditation of lord Krishna , he was unconscious of his surroundings.

She became tired of waiting and she became angry. She cursed him that from today onwards whoever gets seen by him would be destroyed. After he came out of his meditative trance Shani' Saturn tried to make up with her by cajoling her. His wife too felt sorry for her mistake but she was powerless in neutralizing the ill effects of her curse.

From then onwards Shani has been keeping his gaze downwards because he did not want to cause harm to anybody. According to the astrology if the Saturn pierces and passes through the constellation of Rohini then it is considered to be very inauspicious and causes draughts for twelve years making even the survival of the living beings impossible. This combination was about to come during the time of Dasharatha. He was cautioned by his astrologers against its consequences.

To protect his subject from Shanis' wrath Dasharatha went up in the constellation-zone. First of all he made salutations to the deity Shani' but when he refused he fought with him, using his most destructive weapon. Shani' became pleased by his sense of duty and asked him to demand any boon. Dasharatha requested him not to cross the Rohini-constellation' till the sun and constellation exists. Shani agreed to his request. Lord Yama is the presiding deity of the Saturn. His complexion is dark, his vehicle is a vulture and his chariot is made up of iron.

Saturn remains in each of the twelve zodiacs for thirty months. The Saturn is considered as a high planet, till the twentieth degree , in the zodiac of Libra. This implies the depressive darkness of Saturn. Ouranos feared being overthrown by his offspring and Cronus Saturn castrated him. This symbolizes the overthrowing of old rules or religions. On a simpler note the problems one has with their father and the ways of different generations. This symbolizes the fear of the new to take over and the unwillingness to change.

In Roman mythology, Saturn is the God of agriculture. The Hindu mythology conveys different stories for Shani or Shanaishchara slow moving. This shadow, called Chaya devi bore three more sons from Sun, one of which was Shani. Ever since its birth, wherever Shani has gazed, it has brought some diseases and destruction along. Shani was also crippled by his stepbrother, Yama. Hence, the legend verifies the fact that Shani casts delays and difficulty in path of actions to succeed.

Shani: The Sun married Sanchigai, the daughter of Dhusashta and gave birth to three sons. When Sanchigai went to visit her parents without the knowledge of her husband, she left behind her shadow Chaya Devi. Saturn is one of the three children born to the Sun and Chaya Devi. When Saturn was born it was said that his gaze fell on his father the Sun, and caused vitiligo. His gaze then fell upon the Sun's charioteer who fell and broke his thigh. Next his gaze fell on the seven horses that drive the Sun's chariot and they all went blind.

It was only when Saturn's gaze left them that the Sun's skin cleared, his charioteer's femur healed, and his horses regained their eye sight. Saturn advised her not to, however she insisted and Saturn gazed upon the child with one eye. Instantly Ganesha's head was burnt to ashes.

ΕΚΤΑΚΤΗ ΑΠΟΦΑΣΗ: Οι Αγρότες στο Σύνταγμα την Παρασκευή – Κίνημα Δεν Πληρώνω

To prevent Parvati's anger from destroying the universe, Lord Vishnu, cut the head off a bull elephant he had found, and joined it successfully to Ganesha's body. This is why Lord Ganesha has the head of an elephant! The story goes that one of the sons of the Sun named Yama god of death , was angry with his stepmother Chaya Devi and in a fit of rage hit his step-brother Saturn on his legs. This crippled Saturn, who became lame.

Thus Saturn confers a general slowness in all aspects of life. Disappointment, incompatibility, sorrows, imprisonment, stubbornness, servitude, and difficulties in life are associated with Saturn. In order to be granted the status of planet, Saturn established a Linga a form of Shiva at Benares and performed penance for a very long period to time. In Vedic myth Saturn is the son of the Sun, born to his shadow wife, Chaya. Saturn is lame because one of the Suns first wife Sanjanas children became angered with him and struck him in the foot. Thus Saturn walks with a limp, which accounts why he is the slowest of the Grahas.

Mythology: Shani is the son of Sun and Chhaya.

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Saturn is a planet, which has been much, wronged and was cursed by his own wife and celestial mother Parvati. In fact after realizing her mistake Maa Parvati gave a boon to Saturn that no important event in the life of a person will occur unless Saturn gives his divine sanctity to that work either by transit or aspect to such relevant house. He is the elder brother to Yama the god of death therefore he plays the role of Yama and can bring an end to life.

Therefore, if a bad Dasha is running and at the same time there is an evil transit of. Saturn and the age of death have come Saturn will definitely kill. But, Saturn also represents detachment. It has great spiritual value. No saint can take birth without a well-placed and strong Saturn.

शनि का राशि परिवर्तन मकर राशि पर प्रभाव - Makar rashi Shani Prabhav 2020

Gods: Saturn is an ancient Latin god. Her principles are repeated in other ancient religions. In Vedic myth Saturn is the son of the Sun, born to his shadow wife, Chaya, as mentioned in the previous myths. Sani, or Saturn is lame because one of the Sun's legitimate children became angered with him and struck him in the foot. Thus Saturn walks with a limp, which accounts why he is the slowest of the grahas! Saturn in Roman mythology, is the god of agriculture. In his honor, a period of seven days, known as Saturnalia, was celebrated during which all business was stopped and slaves were given greater liberties than were normally granted the rest of the year.

Sani is the son of Surya and Samjna's maid Chaya and is known to be an effulgent and intense character. There is a story that he was once cursed by his wife due to him looking at another woman, so that any other person he looked at, their head would explode he is known as the evileyed, Kruradrs. During the birth celebrations of Ganesh, Parvati was proudly showing off Her new son. Sani had his eyes fixed to the floor and on noticing this Parvati scolded him. When he explained the reason, Parvati said that She was sure that a son born to such powerful people as Herself and Siva could not be affected by such a silly curse.

Sani reluctantly looked at the child, whose head instantly exploded. Parvati was somewhat distressed at this, and in order to console Her and prevent one of Her notorious outbursts, in which universes tend to get destroyed, the devas rushed off to find another one.

The first creature they came across was a baby elephant, and so that had to do. Hence Ganesh acquired his elephant head. The story illustrates that Sani is an extremely powerful demigod, whose glance can create havoc no matter what level of protection or exaltation the recipient has. Saturn Shani - Now lets discuss the structure and statistics of Saturn. Saturn is lazy by nature. He is of black color. He is handicapped by one foot. He is hard hearted and a big flatterer.

He is foolish; he is having thick teeth and thick nails. He is not at all beautiful in looks. He is wearing black clothes. He is old. I say this because even though Saturn limits your ability of certain aspects of your life depending upon the sign and house its ruling, it usually frees you up from its aftermath after the age of 35 per eastern astrology. Saturn in the 7th house, or the zodiac sign that Saturn rules are in the 7th house, and, if Saturn aspects the 7th house, this will give you a late or delayed marriage or business partnership, but it WILL give you a marriage.

It just a delays it, and knowing this fact, it will be better if you got married after the age of If you have this placement in your chart and you get married before that age, then divorce will be your next calling.

This is why its so important to know your true astrology and your true astrological chart, as it will help you skip the rocks on your pathway. It represents death, politics, gas, airplanes, poverty, servants, electronics and legs. Its color is blue, element iron, gem blue sapphire and direction is west. Shani: Saturn represents grief, symbolic of how we relate to time.

When time seems to pass too slowly, we experience grief. The condition of Saturn in the chart shows how permanent, eternal, and synchronized our connection with the light of consciousness is, being with us at even the most challenging times. A well placed Saturn shows the person knows when to go slow and when to go fast, to always let this light be there for them.

By acknowledging the limits of where light can go in our relative existence, we can still maintain the experience of beings of light. A challenging Saturn will allow the person to stray off limits, where no light can reach and suffering prevails. Without Saturn being bright, the person may wonder if things will ever be okay again. Shani, Saturn - Think about its light, its movements: in the starry night, it is difficult to distinguish Saturn from the rest of the stars.

Its light is weak, and pale in brightness. Among all the planets visible to the naked eye, it is the furthest from us, the one whose movements are the slowest. It takes thirty years for it to make a complete revolution around the sky. That is why the Hindus called it Shani, which simply means "slow". Drawing a symbolic link with the qualities of Saturn, we can describe the nature of the mental energy called Shani Graha or the inner Saturn. Saturn cools down. It strengthens, stiffens and thickens. It crystallizes and coagulates. It retains, contracts and delays. That is why we say that Saturn is an evil planet.

By analogy, in the mental realm, Shani is lonely and reserved, even taciturn. He is prudent and level-headed. He is focused, persevering and tough. He has a great sense of responsibility and very careful with money. He is serious and disciplined. Saturn The higher Saturn is a Monk in meditation, the lower is a cold, ruthless individual, disconnected from his feeling nature and other people. It is through Saturn that we come to experience ourselves as a separate being and make peace with our limitations or not, the ultimate limitation being death itself. Saturn rules the nervous system and through it creates painful complexes that reinforce our separation from God, through form and concept.

Anxiety, fear, sorrow, insecurity, loss and lifes painful lessons are all ways Saturn teaches us to give up attachment to form and not take things so personally. His neuroses will teach us perseverance and Self-control, as we will hide behind a wall of self-sufficiency to avoid being seen in our state of weakness. However, at some point something much bigger than what we can control will force us to our knees, like the death of a loved one, a chronic illness or an excessive amount of responsibility that was our.

These crises force our pain into the open where we must face them. Those who cannot learn from life and the hard lessons of Saturn will be reduced to bitterness and foolishness in old age. The greatness of Saturn is that he teaches us sensitivity to others and a respect for all; for once we have suffered we become sensitive to all who suffer. Once his ability for control is properly aligned with dharmic purposes, Saturn gives the perseverance and concentration to put into practice what we have learned, not just acknowledge it mentally. He allows us to be alone to work through our salvation, which is the only possibility.

Keywords: Ambition, fear, responsibility, the perseverance and capacity for hard work, stress, isolation, Old people Saturn: The Planet of Destiny Among other properties Saturn governs Life, longevity, destiny, evolution, fear, degradation, sickness, penury, labour and labourer, manual work, sin, impurity, constancy and loyality, servitude, debts, fetters, iron, brooms, dusters. Agriculture implements, out houses, captivity, prisons, oil manager, black colour, hunter, black smith, elephant, crow, out caste, maid servant, ass, donkey, handsome looks, the lowest caste, woods, birds, a life lacking in virtue, tendons.

Winter, an intelligent child, one born to a lonely woman, Sudra, Vaisya, father, blanket, cousin, downfall, oil, ignorance, ruler ship, goats, buffalo, fondness for sexual pleasure, worshipper of God Yama, the supernatural powers, sodium, iron, sapphire. Saturn is tall, lean, stooping with prominent bones and teeth, coarse hair and thick, bushy. He is also a spiritual teacher, but one who teaches through restriction, hard work, purification, service and humility, leading the person to face his weaknesses and more negative tendencies, to recognize and change them.

Saturn makes us face and work out the negative karma we created in the past in the form of restrictions and sufferings, which will lead us eventually to recognize our negative patterns and develop responsibility and self-discipline to change them. Saturn represents longevity, old age, concentration and meditation. The position of Saturn in the chart indicates the areas of struggle and difficulties in life, though in Vedic astrology it is considered a very important planetary energy for spiritual advancement and evolution. A strong and well-located Saturn in a chart will indicate a good capacity to endure the hardships of life, the capacity for hard work, a strong sense of responsibility, seriousness, self-discipline, austerity or tapas.

An afflicted Saturn can show a difficulty in facing responsibilities, or trying to evade them, which leads to more suffering. It can cause mental depression, loneliness, feelings of isolation, addictions and chronic diseases. The more one tries to escape from Saturns restrictions, the more intense those sufferings become, leading eventually to extremely difficult situations. Saturns restrictions lead to disappointment and detachment from the worldly happiness, which eventually leads to the search for true happiness within the spirit. The best way to relate with Saturns energy is to understand and accept his restrictions consciously through self-discipline and self-purification.

Saturn moves slowly, an indication that his lessons will have to be learned over a long period of perseverance and hard work. But after that, Saturn can give immense blessings and spiritual strength. He usually tends to postpone or delay things and the areas of life that it affects in the chart. A strong and dominant Saturn can be found in the birth charts of hard-workers, servants, politicians, yogis and ascetic people.

Its energy can be positively channeled through fasting, selfless service, seclusion and meditation. Physically it is associated with the nerves and it has a Vata or airy ayurvedic constitution. Saturn : Shani Saturn relates to : Delays, Obstruction. In Shani Dasha every thing happens slowly, Dejection. Is Lord of the 8 th house, gives happiness from Immovable property like Mars but has a second place after Mars. Together if Saturn and Moon are in any house then it is a very bad aspect.

Sat-Mars Conjunction is bad for health. An event is delayed by Saturn but success is not denied. He is the outermost planet amongst the planets recognised by Hindu Astrology. Saturn is smaller than Jupiter and his diameter is around 75, miles. Hence on an average Saturn remains in a sign for about 2 years.

Saturn is called 'Yama' as he is the chief governor for longevity. Saturn is said to be 'lame' and the son of The Sun. Saturn is sometimes symbolised as Father Time. According to Western belief in olden days Sater or Satan was the name given to Saturn and he signified devil, darkness, secrecy, loss and misfortune.

His nature is cold, dry, phlegmatic, melancholic, earthy and masculine. When Saturn is well placed or well aspected, the person is grave, profound, prudent, cautious and of excellent organising and executive ability. If Saturn is afflicted, the native is apt to be bigoted acquisitive irritable, discontented and complaining. Saturn governs the teeth, bones spleen, knees, right ear and sense of hearing.

He rules brick laying, pottery, masonry, plumbing and other laborious and uncongenial employment. He denotes aged persons, thin, nervous, dark, reclusive-also farmers, miners, coal and junk dealers, property owners etc. He rules land, property, mines, lead and dealings in real estate. Day Saturday, metals iron and steel, colour dark blue or black, gem blue sapphire or other blue and black coloured stones.

The influence of Saturn is commonly called evil and in this respect he is much maligned, but in reality there is no evil since all things work together for good ultimately. Saturn acts as a deterrent and because he brings denial and necessity into some lives, he has been considered as an oppressor, a Satan "He that filleth with pride will suffer a fall"; for Saturn will bring the native to his knees, humble him, and by means of restrictions, limitation and adversities, will cause the individual to ponder, study and seek to find the source of woe that in future may be overcome.

Thus while Saturn is a destroyer of false ideals , he is also a redeemer, in that he brings to mind a state of introspection and stimulates effort towards perfection and victory. Saturnians are extremely sensitive but they hide their feelings and emotions under a mask of reserve. If frequently censured, they withdraw from association and their progress and development are much delayed. Saturn is considered to be favourable for people born in the signs owned by Venus whereas Saturn is evil to those born in the signs governed by Mercury.

He is also beneficial when he is in his own sign, or when he occupies the signs of Jupiter or when he is exalted. Saturn when benefic makes a person true, reliable, honest, sincere, faithful and chaste. He aids concentration, meditation prayers, etc. Saturn is the chief governor for longevity He is called Ayush Karaka. If he occupies the house of longevity, namely, the 8th house in a horoscope, the native gets a long span of life.

Saturn owns Capricorn and Aquarius. He is exalted in Libra, the highest exaltation point being 20 degrees of Libra. He is debilitated in Aries, the lowest debilitation point being 20 degrees of Aries. For Saturn the first 20 degrees portion of Aquarius is his Multrikona and the rest is his Swakshetra. The whole of Capricorn is also his swakshetra. Mercury and Venus are friends of Saturn. The Sun, the Moon and Mars are his enemies. Jupiter is neutral to him. It therefore is the slowest and darkest from our perception outer planets excluded here.

Because of this it is perceived as giving darkness and slows things down, retards or delays. It is the final boundary referring to the implication of the planet of death and doom. Saturn rules old age and as one becomes disillusioned with life there is misery and frustration. This is all the function of Saturn to strip away everything of this existence to rid one of all desires and attachments. This is what eventually leads one to higher consciousness, and final liberation from the karmic chains of this world. Saturn's primary function is to lead the soul back to its source, God. Experiences of Saturn are delays, depression, restrictions, setbacks, destruction, disease and death.

It can exhibit discipline, stability, and give long lasting results. Restrictive Saturn with expansive Jupiter will bring frustration, for Jupiter will expand and give things whereas Saturn will contract and take things away. These planets are very opposite in there meaning and the result is very confusing and frustrating. Saturn with the Sun will inhibit and lower a person's self-confidence. Keywords: Discipline, order, structure, dependable, stability, separation, solitude, limitation, obstruction, poverty, death, disease, oppression, pessimistic, worry, fear, bad luck, old age, delays, retards things, concentration, paralysis, depression, stunted, deprivation, bondage, arthritis, bones, skin, degenerative diseases, fixed assets, land, property, endurance and lasting, doubt, phobias, darkness, sorrow, longevity, detachment, decay Day: Saturday Dig Bala: Seventh House Saturn - Shani Rulership Throat, scepticism, rejection, corpses, limitation, death, prisoners, old men, the devil, caution, responsibility, duty, beggars, eunuchs, care, servitude, ascetics, sorrow, masochism, horsegrooms, cowards, oil, pain, misery.

Quality Saturn represents the unwholesome in life, the decaying, the poor, the unorthodox and the low.

"Saturn" - Auspicious or Inauspicious

It is the opposite in nature to Jupiter. The geocentric nature of astrology should remind us that appearances can deceive. While Saturn teaches hard lessons, some learn the easy way and some the hard way. Saturn's lessons are strict and tough, the type of thing most people shrink from. Such things may teach us more than most. Saturn in a natural human being represents caution and scepticism.

Childhood Development In child development, Saturn represents the bubble of self-esteem pricked by the realities of life. The growth of teeth see the self-centred Jupiterian stage punctured. The child sees that her or his self-importance was exaggerated and inflated. While the mother-world was the only source of food, now other food sources exist.

Depression follows from this realisation. Movement is necessary so that this depression may be cleared and something may be offered to the world. In People Saturn represents the faculty of scepticism. If Saturn is strong in the chart, this scepticism, applied to the self, may lead to masochism. Saturnian people may have a sullen, morose or depressed appearance. Often shoddy in appearance, they may seem absent minded and often can be malicious and spiteful.

While their self- deprecation convinces others of their uselessness, the Saturnian usually understands a great deal. Serious, sceptical, philosophical and cautious, they may outlast more flamboyant folk. If Saturn is afflicted, the person may underrate her or his abilities, be masochistic and run down their own qualities. Masochistic Character Chronic sensation of suffering, tendency to complain, to self-damage and to self-deprecate, awkward and static, specifically when talking to others when they may seem backward.

Gauquelin Keywords Formal, reserved, conscientious, cold, methodical, meticulous, modest, observant, not talkative, timid, precise, reflective, retiring, reserved, wise, melancholy, timid, industrious, silent, sad. When compiling their statistical evaluations the Gauquelins found Saturn to be positively significant for scientists and doctors. Hindu Astrology Devakeralam: Attached to sudra women, lord of the west, cruel in authority, lame, old, tall in body. Brihad Jataka: Lazy, look resembles death, slim and tall, gross teeth, vata temperament, hair on body and head coarse.

Yavanajataka: Strong but stooped, thick black rough hair, nails and teeth broken, mean and irritable, does bad acts, malicious, used to hatred, dressed in black, has discarded joy. When coupled with devaguru Brhaspati, it generates fruitful Brahma yoga which grants the fine knowledge of creation and also shows passing down of knowledge from tradition through a Guru Jupiter Saturn rules the minerals which are extracted from the earth and hence signify all fuels including coal, petrol, mining of these fuels, minerals and metals. It represents death, politics, servants, gas, aeroplanes, poverty,electronics and legs.

Capricorn Exa-Libra Deb. Tamogune, Impotent, Varuna Shudra, air, intestines, sorrow, age, servant, business, night, Brahma, Yamaha Karak 1, 6, 8,10,12 SATURN: Servant, Stubbornness, servitude, idiosyncrasies, impediments, despondency, defects, imprisonment, obstructions, demoralization, bondage, servants, windy diseases, evil purposes, sorrows, injuries, risks, mean acts, jails, thieves, miners, brick, layers, base- tricks, Negroes, drunkenness, gambling, oil, seeds, pots, woolen fabrics, architectural skill, iron, lead, inferior orders, cereals, western direction, atmosphere, conservatives, whirl- winds and storms, Thamas guna, hair, teeth, houses, sinners, spoils and low people and others.

Dhatu : Muscles Abode : Filthy ground Time Period : Year Taste : Astringent Strong Direction : West Trees : Anthills Clothes : Multi colored robes Season : Sishira Substance : Dhatu Externally, Shani signifies people who maintain low level and basic facilities: service people, workmen, people doing manual labor, cleaning people, servants, people dedicated to their jobs for a long time, very responsible and committed people. Also signified are people who are very introvert or hidden from the public eye, researchers, reclusives, monks. Physically, Shani signifies the parts of the body that are instrumental to restricting the movement.

Whereas Surya signifies the bones, Shani signifies the joints, tenants and muscles that keep the skeleton within a range of motions. Shani also signifies the physical aspect of the nervous system. Internally, Shani indicates traits and abilities related to long term values. Responsibility, commitment, the ability to deal with grief, stability, longevity.

Qualities signified by Shani: slow but steady, responsible, cold, withdrawn, humble, restricted, detached, dirty, dark, old. Determining what objects are signified by Saturn: Whatever parts are most remote from the core, whatever part is essential for the physical longevity, the least attractive parts that have their use in the longrun, things related to elimination and separation. Saturn has stiff hair and limbs; he is lean. His body is dark as Durva grass. His composition has phlegm and wind in it. Life becomes miserable because of loss of health. Problem of sleeplessness and stomach pain starts.

The native becomes directionless. The friends turn into enemies. Reliable people around the native turn against him. At home all, including children, wife and parents start preaching but no body comes forward to share his sorrows. It becomes difficult for one to concentrate in work. The condition of the native becomes deplorable and life appears burdensome.

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In this situation the remedies of Saturn bring some sign of relief, the native gets some strength to do some work as spiritual power enhances. The remedies mentioned below are very simple and anybody can do them-. Recite the mantra of Saturn. On Saturday pour some mustard oil in a steel bowl, put a coin and see your face in this oil. After that offer it to Saturn or donate it Dakaut. Offer black grams kala chana , horse bean urad , black sesam, black clothes and iron to poor people on Saturday.

Dip around grams of black grams in water on Friday. On Saturday take out them from water and wrap in black cloth. Put a piece of charcoal, a coin of one rupee and sesame. After wrapping rotate around your head 7 times and then flow in running water. By doing 3 or 4 out of these above mentioned remedies one can get relief from the wrath of Saturn. The best article to be donated for propitiating Saturn is mustard oil. As the mythology goes once Saturn tried to show his superiority over lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman tied Saturn in his tail and walked around normally. Saturn asked for mercy.

Lord Hanuman ordered Saturn not to trouble his devotees. That day onwards Saturn started asking for oil from people to cure his physical injuries and in return blessed them. Kundli is the basis of Vedic Astrology and acts as the astrological chart to calculate the future of an individual. Simple but very accurate information Appreciate your sharing this one.

A must read article! There really is information as being in reality insightful, however the data is no longer fairly fresh new. Now i am your own prolonged customers these days! You wished my personal estimation on your web-site?

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